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Gross Brown has incorporated GBP S.A. to supplement its corporate advisory services, as a valuable alternative for businesses and investors that are looking for a comprehensive solution in the management of their businesses and projects.

Gross Brown is recognized as one of the most prestigious full-service law firms in Paraguay, with more than 70 years of experience and a varied portfolio of clients, ranging from local and international financial entities, to non-profit organizations and individuals.

The Firm’s team is composed of highly qualified attorneys, specialized in different areas of legal practice. The Firm’s recruitment program is designed to select only the best professionals with outstanding backgrounds, trained to cover a wide range of legal services and to satisfy from the most basic to the most complex needs of the clients, based on the Firm’s commitment to go beyond the mere knowledge of law, and rather to understand its clients’ businesses and goals.

Under this innovative project, Gross Brown aims at creating synergies with expansion of the scope of corporate advisory services through its affiliate GBP S.A., a company specialized in tax advice, outsourcing, auditing and consulting services.

GBP S.A. is formed by highly skilled professionals and specialists, trained and qualified to meet all the clients’ commercial, strategic and managerial needs, under the strictest standards.

Our goal is to convert our knowledge and experience into added value for business and investors. We are convinced that we can assist our clients in building trust for investors, developing efficient risk management strategies and strengthening their control procedures.
The market growth and the increasingly higher requirements have led many entrepreneurs to a shift in their strategies, in order to focus on the consolidation and expansion of their businesses while outsourcing certain administrative, tax, accounting and auditing tasks to specialized professionals. In GBP S.A. we are aware of the great responsibility that this implies, and we are committed to provide timely, effective and efficient solutions, with a focus on reducing costs, strengthening critical processes, optimizing resources, and in sum obtaining better results for your business.

We understand that each client is unique. In GBP S.A., we aim at adapting our services to each reality so as to make each of our clients feel confident with the tasks they entrust us. Our values are the core principles that guide our daily work. We are fully committed to:

Our Clients: Our main goal is to put our knowledge and expertise at our clients’ service. We aim at creating a long-lasting relationship based on trust, so that the client feels our support, cooperation, respect and loyalty. We believe that this type of link is fundamental to achieve success.

Our Team: We recognize that our people is our main asset- We strongly promote the professional development and personal accomplishment of our staff.

The Community: We act with coherence and transparency by honoring our colleagues and the community in which we work for.


Oor work is based on the following principles:

  • Timely and efficient planning

  • Rigorous business risk assessment

  • Profound knowledge of the client’s business

  • Ongoing diagnostics and process/transaction tests.

  • Practical advice and concrete and real recommendations.

We focus on a risk analysis in businesses and on the specific needs of our clients. To provide an effective and efficient service, we review the systems and processes, in order to understand the specific audit procedures on a case-by-case basis, and to provide practical recommendations.

GBP S.A. provides the highest quality of audit services, designed to satisfy all legal, operational and regulatory requirements, and to add value in all aspects in which improvements that are compatible to the processes and activities of the business are identified.

Our services comprise: audits and accounting assessments, tax audits, advice in regulatory matters, special certification and verification, system evaluation of the internal controls, internal audits, controller services, among others.


In a regulatory and economic context in constant evolution, it is fundamental to evaluate the tax impact in the businesses on a permanent basis. Our staff is regularly trained and updated to identify and solve all tax matters. Our ultimate goal is to assist our clients is the compliance with fiscal obligations, so as to achieve all possible benefits recognized by law. We look forward to engage in the financial planning and the perational processes of our clients, so as to anticipate the fiscal impacts and to take all necessary legal and preventive measures.

Our services include:

  • Tax advice for individuals and corporations.

  • Outsourcing of tax returns and other regulatory requirements.

  • Assistance with interaction with government institutions.

  • Assistance in tax procedures (audits, briefings, etc.)

  • Advice in international trade (import and export)

  • Social security and advice in labor-related matters.

  • Advice in commercial and industrial promotion regimes (special regimes – maquila, free trade zone, Law 60/90)

  • Recovery of tax credits and balances.


Our service include:

  • Accounting and management advice.

  • Accounting outsourcing, and accounting and financial reports

  • Outsourcing of processes:

    • Payable bills

    • Receivable bills

    • Treasury

    • Outsourcing of payroll settlement

    • Inventory processes

    • Internal control processes

We offer high quality accounting services, aimed at providing financial statements and related deliverables which are trustful and timely for decision making, as well as accounting and financial reports designed to meet the specific needs of each client.


We act as advisors and consultants in a wide range of transactions, from mergers and acquisitions, to sales of assets and shares.

Our professionals have actively participated in transactions advising companies and local investment funds, in transactions involving major local corporations. Our assistance includes the participation in buying/selling corporations, structuring of operations and companies (mergers, acquisitions, split-ups), assessment in the tax impacts of the transactions, and advice in negotiations.

Our services include:

  • Diagnosis of current administrative processes. and improvement and implementation of best practices.

  • Due diligence in accounting, tax, social security, labor, and operational matters.

  • Advice in negotiations

  • Organizational consulting